What is a Smoke Shop & What Do They Sell?

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From smoking for therapeutic reasons to smoking socially or for recreational entertainment, people have been poking herbs and leaves in a pipe for thousands of years. And, whether you smoke herb or tobacco, you will need a few accessories along the way. Therefore, a smoke shop can be a valuable place to have nearby. So, what is a smoke shop, and what is the purpose of a smoke shop? Here is a closer look at what to expect.

So, what is a smoke shop?

A smoke shop, sometimes referred to as a head shop, is a retail store that specializes in products and accessories related to smoking. Depending on the location, some smoke shops may also sell tobacco or different smokable herbs, vaping fluids, or tobacco products. Some of the items you will often find at smoke shops include:

  • Water bongs
  • Pipes
  • Collectible glass smoking devices
  • Herb grinders
  • Rolling papers
  • Dab rigs
  • Vaporizers and vaping accessories
  • Stash jars, humidors, and storage necessities
  • Lighters, matches, and hemp wick

Another important benefit of smoke shops is that the staff can be well-versed in smoking-related topics. For example, if you are looking for a more portable mini bong that still delivers the same smoking experience as a larger piece, the staff can help you find what you’re looking for.

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FAQs About Smoke Shops

Do smoke shops sell carts, dab pens, or wax pens?

It depends. Some smoke shops operate as dispensaries as well in legal states, which means they are licensed to sell other products beyond tobacco and smoking accessories. You will often find vaping carts at smoke shops that sell standard nicotine vape products.

Do smoke shops sell drug tests?

Some smoke shops do sell drug tests, but not all of them do. This is an item that can be in high demand in certain areas, but not in others. Therefore, the availability of additional items beyond smoking accessories like over-the-counter drug tests varies.

How much are bongs at smoke shops?

Bongs range in price depending on how they’re made, their size, and the maker. For example, a standard small bong will typically run between $20 and $40, a mid-grade medium bong may be between $40 and $80, and a high-quality, big-name bong may run as much as $100 or more. It is actually usually more financially logical to buy bongs at smoke shops than other places. Due to the fact that smoke shops often work directly with suppliers and purchase bulk quantities of certain items, they usually have better prices than elsewhere.

How to work at a smoke shop?

In order to work at a smoke shop, you may need to meet a certain set of qualifications. For example, if you want to work at a basic smoke shop that sells tobacco products and smoking accessories, you may be required to be at least 18 years of age, depending on the laws in your state. Smoke shops usually look for candidates that are good with people, have smoking knowledge and experience, and are passionate about the products being sold.

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